Asking Price $294,000

1 Bedroom · Craftsman barn · Multi-Use Zoning

This property in the fisherman’s village of Esperanza on Vieques is ideal for the person looking for a living work space. One of the island’s best cabinet makers used to live here, and now is your chance to turn this multi-use zoned property into your own creative space. Along with the 515 square foot main house, this property comes with a large 1,700 square foot barn with concrete floor, and suitable plumbing and electric for tradesmen and artists. Whether your specialty is woodworking, pottery, stained glass, sculpture, or painting, this is the perfect space to live close to your passion. This property would also be ideal for any tradesman working on Vieques, with sufficient work and storage space. For a number of years, one of our BioBay operators worked out of this space, so current zoning would even perhaps allow a gallery or other revenue generating operation on site.

In addition to the large work space, this property comes with a one bedroom, one bath concrete house, with full bath, living room and full kitchen with bar seating. The covered back porch has a washer, dryer, and hot water heater, and the expansive driveway has plenty of space to park four cars. With no buildings across the street, this property collects a beautiful trade-wind breeze throughout the day, and the Caribbean Ocean can be seen from the roof. So a second floor or roof deck would be an enticing addition. The house is currently being used as a residence and short term rental.

Located just a few doors down from the Green Store, half mile to Sun Bay swimming area, and four blocks to the Esperanza Malecon, this property is highly desirable for short term rentals and easy to find if soliciting clients to your craftsman studio space.


Please note that the marker on the map is only an approximate location to the neighborhood in which this property is located.